Kultursteg physical theatre 30.08 – 5.09 2021

The World of Storytelling: Acting Workshop with Adriana Salles and Andreas Simma

In the beautiful region of Walgau, far away from stress and city life, we launch our first workshop in Vorarlberg, the beginning of a future summer academy for physical theatre in Austria.


The workshop is aimed at
actors, dancers, singers, clowns, authors, directors, filmmakers, critics (why not?)… From beginners to professionals. Differences in level are not a brake but part of the work in a group. Experiences are exchanged, everyone can learn from everyone.

Contenu du stage

We explore the basics of storytelling.
 A script and a text, a choreography, a partition are structures in movement.  The use of the actor’s body replaces the stage set. The most important instrument for performers is their body.

Masks as guides

The Neutral Mask

We try to find the “zero point”. Not “NOTHING” but a receptive “void”, the minimum physical presence required on stage, the indispensable minimum where everything becomes possible…

Having fun with full masks

The next step is to try to understand human behaviour with “expressive masks”. Without words.

Laughing and crying

We explore melodrama, or the art of making the audience cry. We will also try to immerse ourselves in the world of half-masks through the Commedia dell’arte and its Balinese cousins. The aim is to discover the effect of each mask on each participant, how their imagination is stimulated and how they become creative by themselves.

We are looking for a modern (today’s) theatre, where the human being and his humanity are at the centre.

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Your participation in the courses is at your own risk and responsibility! We also offer individual coaching for individual needs and problems.
If you have any questions, just write to us !

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